These Vivotek Wireless IP Surveillance cameras are a good investment if you want to have the peace of mind of having video and even audio recorded directly from the cameras to your computer. They are easy to install and setup. Also the manufacturer has a very nice free app called VAST on their website that you can download and use to setup your computer as a server or a live client, so you can record and watch live up to 32 of these (and others) IP cameras.

Another nice addition to these cameras is that they are capable of doing night shots so even in the dark, you will have a clear view of what the camera captures.

Important: Remember these cameras are for indoor use only, you might be able to use them may be under a covered patio, but we are not sure if they will withstand extreme weather.

If you reset them (press and hold for 10 seconds the recessed reset button until the LED light on the front turns to solid red or flashing red and green), you can log in to the camera configuration web interface using any browser, just by typing the IP address that the router assigned to it and the default username is ‘root’ and default password will be the MAC address of the camera, which you can see on the back of the camera, on the manufacturer label.

We have a few available for sale here on our eBay store (limited quantities), and if you are in Austin, Texas, remember: you can pick them up from us if you want to avoid the shipping cost.

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