Blast from the past: IBM Wheelwriter 10 Series II Vintage Typewriter

Here at World Electro Parts, we get all kind of technology, not just from today, but also from the past.

Here you see a fine example of an office device that for decades was the king of the offices: the typewriter.

In this case we have a nice example from IBM, with a model called Wheelwriter 10 Series. We tested it and it was in a nice cosmetic condition for the age, despite the little burned nick that you see on the side, close to the IBM logo (do you remember when we used to smoke inside the office???).

This typewriter is one of the best examples of devices that at their time, were made to last, not like today when we have a programmed obsolescence planned probably even from the factories, which in turn drive their profits….

You can get this great piece of history from our store front in Austin, TX or from our eBay store by going to the following link:


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