eBay unfair seller stories.

We want to share with you some of the most recent unfair experiences that we have had as sellers on eBay. Don’t get us wrong, we have a decent amount of items on eBay and we will probably keep on selling there for longer, but, seriously, the way eBay have set up their policies, is mostly fair only for buyers, and not for sellers.

We have to be fair to say that in later years, especially since eBay got separated from PayPal, they have added some more policies that have helped a little, but for the most part, there are still a lot of buyers taking advantages of sellers like us that try to do the most honest and fair sales practices.

So without further ado, here you have 3 of the latest and most recent unfair cases we had:


We sold to an eBay buyer, a MacBook Air 2012 13″ LCD Screen Assembly, complete, in a nice and working condition, and the listing title said very clear that it was a 2012 model, with the addition of the model number A1466.

The listing description was very clear as well, indicating that it was for a 2012 macbook Air.

After a few days that the buyer got it delivered, he opens a return request and the reason he gave on the eBay return request was “it did not fit”. On the description of the request he further explained that “Doesn’t fit, 1 CABLE FLEX WAS BIGGER THAN THE OTHER COMPARED TO MINE”, without any extra explanation. He then insisted we sent the wrong part, and it did not fit his macbook air in repair process.

We requested the buyer to provide a picture of the serial number of the macbook air he was repairing and it took us almost a week to finally get a picture from him. After searching the serial number at Apple.com, we found out that his macbook air was a 2015!!!! so even though the model A1466 matched, the laptop was from a different year and of course, knowing how Apple changes his designs on every new laptop, it will never fit.

In the end, the buyer never admitted he made a mistake, we had to take the return anyway, and when we got the lcd back, the bezel around the screen was a little separated, and it looked like the buyer somehow tried to open the whole assembly, who knows why, maybe in the hope that they could change the cable or maybe use the LCD by itself.

Even though we had the item back in a modified and tampered state, we still had to give a refund to the buyer, since eBay will not back us up against the buyer, because the buyer in his messages never admitted that he manipulated the item or tried to open it.

We lost the sale, had to give the money back and on top of that, in the end we had to pay the original shipping cost of the sale… not fair at all.


This case is another case of a buyer that got another macbook air LCD from us, but, in this case the seller admitted he bought it by mistake, and wants to return. We replied immediately after the return request was open, and asked the buyer to agree by message that we will give him a refund minus the original shipping and minus a restocking fee. The buyer never replied to agree, and after the 3 business days passed, the buyer asked eBay to step up and because of that eBay strike us with a defect. Even though the buyer admitted he bought by mistake. The reason eBay did it is because their policy says that “you have 3 business days to solve the problem with the buyer, either by accepting the return or offering a partial refund”.



The third case is for a buyer that bought a Macbook Pro Early 2009 17″ from us. After he got the laptop delivered, he sent 3 consecutive messages asking what was the password for the Mac OS, even though the password was in the listing description. After we replied the 3 times he made the same question, he goes ahead and leaves a negative feedback. Then he opens a return request with eBay, saying the super drive on the laptop won’t take any discs, after admitting that he had to reinstall the Mac OS, probably messing up the software or drivers that keep all the laptop devices running smoothly.



We can not say there are only problems with the new eBay policies. We have had 2 or 3 cases already that eBay closed right away in our favor, where the buyers admitted in their messages that they have manipulated or opened up the items we shipped. But for the most part, there is still room to improve a lot of aspects of these cases, especially make it more fair for sellers, and punish the buyers that take advantage of these little tricks.

Hopefully this helps not just other sellers out there with problems, but also the eBay officials, who should be the ones paying attention and side with the sellers a little more, just to make the market place FAIR.



Blast from the past: IBM Wheelwriter 10 Series II Vintage Typewriter

Here at World Electro Parts, we get all kind of technology, not just from today, but also from the past.

Here you see a fine example of an office device that for decades was the king of the offices: the typewriter.

In this case we have a nice example from IBM, with a model called Wheelwriter 10 Series. We tested it and it was in a nice cosmetic condition for the age, despite the little burned nick that you see on the side, close to the IBM logo (do you remember when we used to smoke inside the office???).

This typewriter is one of the best examples of devices that at their time, were made to last, not like today when we have a programmed obsolescence planned probably even from the factories, which in turn drive their profits….

You can get this great piece of history from our store front in Austin, TX or from our eBay store by going to the following link:




These Vivotek Wireless IP Surveillance cameras are a good investment if you want to have the peace of mind of having video and even audio recorded directly from the cameras to your computer. They are easy to install and setup. Also the manufacturer has a very nice free app called VAST on their website that you can download and use to setup your computer as a server or a live client, so you can record and watch live up to 32 of these (and others) IP cameras.


Another nice addition to these cameras is that they are capable of doing night shots so even in the dark, you will have a clear view of what the camera captures.

Important: Remember these cameras are for indoor use only, you might be able to use them may be under a covered patio, but we are not sure if they will withstand extreme weather.

If you reset them (press and hold for 10 seconds the recessed reset button until the LED light on the front turns to solid red or flashing red and green), you can log in to the camera configuration web interface using any browser, just by typing the IP address that the router assigned to it and the default username is ‘root’ and default password will be the MAC address of the camera, which you can see on the back of the camera, on the manufacturer label.

We have a few available for sale here on our eBay store (limited quantities), and if you are in Austin, Texas, remember: you can pick them up from us if you want to avoid the shipping cost.

World Electro Parts gets a new look!

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